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March 5, 2019
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July 16, 2019
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Radiant patio heaters


Outdoor efficient heating made easy.
Architecturally designed to give the best unobtrusive Outdoor Heating: Zeus Radiant Patio Heaters have a black face and gunmetal anodised steel rear casing. Internally insulated with a ceramic fibre blanket to ensure maximum heat is radiated forward and reducing any heat loss from the rear of the heating unit, they do not emit light or glow when in use. The Zeus Radiant Patio Heater will be a welcome addition to your outdoor living & entertaining area. Radiant heaters are one of the most effective ways to heat an area. They can be used in both outdoor & indoor applications, with no unsafe emissions, putting your mind at ease. The Radiant heater works by heating people or objects, not air, making them one of the most efficient heaters in an outdoor or open indoor environment where hot air is blown away or in high roof situations where hot air rises and is lost. The Zeus radiant patio heater is modern, stylish & one of the best-looking outdoor panel heaters available.


Patios, outdoor kitchen, dining & entertaining areas courtyards, balconies & pergolas garages, sheds & workshops cafes, restaurants, backpacker hostels, hotel beer gardens, outdoor smoking areas factories & warehouses.

Maintenance Zeus radiant patio heaters are peacefully quiet with no internal moving parts. The only maintenance required is in coastal locations where a quick clean or spray is recommended every few months to remove any salt build-up.
Warranty: Zeus radiant patio heaters are supplied with a 12 month warranty.
– Solidly built & sealed for protection.
– Anodised alloy casing – allowing the heater to be used in corrosive environments such as coastal/seaside locations, outdoor kitchens and around saltwater pools and many more.
– Model – ZTPH-620POWER (2400Watts) – current (10Amps) – dimensions (mm) – 990 x 170 x 45 weight (9kg) – lead length (1600mm) – PLUG – 10A Standard Australian Plug.
– Electric high intensity infrared radiant overhead heating panel.
– Power 220-240 Volts / 50~60 Hz, 10Amp Single phase.
– Connection 10 Amp standard Australian Plug 1.6M Long.
– Approvals Australia / NZ (SAA Approval) Mounting Height minimum 1.8m recommended 2.1m maximum 2.7m
– (Higher ceilings, we recommend lowering using jack chain/lighting chain) mounting options: Suitable for ceiling, beam, wall and recess mounting.
Protection rating: Rated to IP55. Installation options: You can install the Zeus radiant patio heaters with ease, we supply the standard mounting brackets with each unit. Our mounting brackets offer the option to standard mount directly downwards from the ceiling or angled 45 Degree’s from a wall. Cost vs. outdoor gas heaters: Zeus radiant patio heaters compared to a conventional outdoor bottled gas heater: Approximate hourly running costs are substantially less, you also have the added benefit of not continually changing gas bottles. Outdoor gas heater = $4.29 per hour. ZTPH-620 2400Watt = $0.52 per hour. Compared to gas bottle heaters the cost savings are 88% for our 2400 watt model ZTPH-620.2. Models to choose from: Selecting the correct Zeus radiant patio heater size: Most efficient mounting height: 2.1m (measurement from floor level).Best locations: Directly above the area to be heated, but can also be mounted on a wall and angled downwards. Coverage of each heater model (in m2), based on 3 different area’s. Example, in an outdoor enclosed area the ZTPH-620 2400 watt will cover approx. 4.2m2. Heater – ZTPH-620 2400w. Indoor protected – 5.1(m2) Outdoor enclosed – 4.2(m2) Outdoor exposed – 3.6(m2)
* For most outdoor applications, we recommend mounting above a table, sitting area or other commonly used space. If you have any further questions, please phone us on (041) 244-4894.